This service is the best option for snowbirds or long-term travelers.  We do extensive weekly or biweekly checks of your property at random days and times, so that potential burglars won't be clued in of your absence.  We perform all of the duties on your custom checklist and check to make sure that your pool and lawn are being serviced. We use the latest digital technology with GPS-stamped and time-stamped reports, with notes and photos of any concerns.


  • Inspect perimeter of property
  • Check for signs of vandalism
  • Check outdoor faucets for drips
  • Ensure security system is functioning
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure
  • Ensure landscaping and pool are being serviced
  • Bring in all mail and flyers
  • Check A/C and humidity levels
  • Inspect all areas for water leaks, mold and mildew
  • Run all faucets and flush toilets
  • Change filters, as needed
  • Check under sinks for leaks and signs of pests
  • Run garbage disposal
  • Check refrigerator and freezer
  • Water and fertilize houseplants
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries if needed
  • Replace outdoor light bulbs if needed
  • Reset clocks after power outage


We check on unoccupied and vacant properties that are on the market.  Homeowners' insurance has specific rules relating to unoccupied properties, and coverage isn't always guaranteed.  We will do weekly or biweekly checks to see that the air conditioning is functioning, the humidity levels are within the proper range, the pool and lawn are being serviced, there is no vandalism, pests, or piles of flyers in the driveway.  We will tidy up and remove realtors' cards that have been left behind.  Coupled with our temperature and humidity monitoring service, this provides the most comprehensive protection for your unoccupied home.

This service is perfect for vacation homes, seasonal homes, primary homes during extended travel or even a week-long vacation, as well as unoccupied properties on the market.  This portable device continuously monitors your home for power outages, temperature and humidity anomalies.  It will alert your home watch provider, who will check on your property to investigate, contact you, and take the necessary steps to prevent damages or mold and mildew from developing.  A flat-rate fee of $30 per month for 30 days or more includes setting up the device and 24/7 monitoring.  Going away for less than a month?  For $30 a week your vacant home will be monitored round the clock and your home watch provider will get alerts if something is amiss.  The device will be removed when you return home,  sell your property, or you say so. There are no long-term contracts.  Every vacant home should have one.

  • Month-to-month contract with no cancellation fees
  • Easy set-up
  • No active internet connection or phone line required
  • Advanced temperature and humidity sensors
  • Built-in connection to the cellular data network
  • Lithium Ion back-up battery for power outages
  • Designed, developed and assembled in the USA

If you don't need a full home watch service, but you need someone to occasionally meet contractors, respond to a delivery, let your houseguests in and brief them on the property, or maybe you've locked yourself out one too many times, then our keyholder service is perfect.  We keep your keys locked away in a safe with a coded tag.  You no longer have to entrust your friends and neighbors with access to your home or hide a spare key under a rock.  

We are happy to get your home ready for your return.  We can restock your groceries before your arrival or arrange for housekeeping.  Whatever your unique situation requires, just ask.  That's what we're here for.