Who We Are

Who We Are

Cheryl Dexter is the President and Operator of Sarasota Home Watch Inc. 

She is a Sarasota resident who had been a visiting-from-Connecticut "snowbird" since 1988.  After many years of hiring home watchers to look after her own home in Connecticut, she moved to Sarasota and never looked back.  She has a background in local government, having worked for over a decade in the Hartford, Connecticut judicial system, as well as serving as a deputy clerk in Sarasota County.  She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is also a certified health and wellness coach, who enjoys yoga, walking the Ringling Bridge, boating, theater, painting and making unique jewelry, which can be purchased in local art galleries.  

Sarasota Home Watch Inc. carries all state and local licensing requirements and is a fully insured and bonded corporation which has proudly earned their third-year accreditation of the National Home Watch Association, who provides continuous training and mentorship.  They are a founding member of the Southwest Chapter of the NHWA.  They are backed by their Advisory Board and are part of an alliance of home watch companies who are committed to setting the gold standard in ethics and best business practices.

Do your Due Diligence!

The home watch industry is currently an unregulated, unlicensed industry in Florida.  There are a lot of fly-by-night operations who offer dirt-cheap rates, who don't have the proper business credentials or insurance, and who may not be showing up when you think your home is being protected.  We're aware of instances where "home watchers" temporarily "move in" to the residence or even borrow furniture for staging other properties.  

At Sarasota Home Watch Inc., we have invested in insurance, bonding, proper credentialing, training, and the latest technology.

Please ask your home watch service to provide you with proof of insurance and credentials.  Those of us who take our reputations seriously will be happy to do so.